Liverpool Comic Con 2016

Today my kids and I had our first Comic Con experience, at Liverpool Comic Con 2016. Considering I’ve had some very geeky tendencies for most of my life (which my kids both seem to have inherited) it’s kind of surprising we’ve never made it to a Comic Con before, but there’s a first time for everything.

First impressions weren’t great. Our first hour was spent slowly making our way along a very big queue. Once we finally got inside it felt like there were just too many people in the room to really make the most of everything on offer, although the sight of grown men and women strolling around dressed as superheroes and storm troopers like it was the most normal thing in the world soon took my mind off any minor issues I had with the event’s organisation. My kids, who both have less of an issue with crowded places than I do, had a great time, and my son made a video of the day. Well actually, Ben made a very shaky video of the journey there then got bored of holding the camera, so I did the rest…