About me

I’ve been involved in designing and building websites for over twelve years now, gaining valuable experience with a variety of clients of all shapes and sizes, from small startups to established international brands. The technologies I use day to day include HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript. I also have experience with a variety of other technologies and platforms including LESS, Sass, jQuery, AngularJS, Grunt, Gulp, SVN, Git and others.

I have a passion for User Experience, with a particular focus on inclusive/accessible design, and I have extensive experience working with teams to ensure web-based products are accessible to as many users as possible.

When I’m not designing or building stuff for the web, I’m generally building Lego with my son, or watching Harry Potter movies with my daughter. Or on the rare occasion I get some time to myself I’ll be playing drums in the shed, trying not to annoy the neighbours.

My work